Applicant Organization, Slovakia

Newport Group is one of the largest private education providers in Slovakia. The company offers training programs in the field of VET, as well as other professional education and lifelong learning and accredited teacher education.

Newport Group offers a portfolio of accredited training programs with a significant share of practical training with elements of dual and continuing education that enable develop the key competencies needed to apply innovation in the production environment. From mechatronics, CNC programming to automation and mechanical engineering. Accredited educational programs are based on German standards set by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and have undergone an accreditation process under the Lifelong Learning Act in Slovakia.

Our clients include Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, Continental, Peugot-Citroen, Kia and many other manufacturers in the automotive and engineering industries at Slovakia.

In the last 2 years, we have more than 16,000 active participants in our courses who are studying one of the 14 specializations, or a general vocational training course.

We also bring a portfolio of training courses focused on the development of personal competencies in a modern and interactive form with a focus on the effectiveness and quality of education in simultaneous combination of existing requirements of personnel and participants. Thanks to this type of education, we serve not only large companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises.

Newport Group, together with Volkswagen Slovakia and Siemens Slovakia and the Bratislava self-governing region, is a co-founder of the Dual Academy – the most modern secondary vocational school in the Bratislava region, which focuses mainly on teaching mechatronics and autotronics. It employs 40 professionals and teachers.

Thanks to cooperation with employers and the transfer of foreign know-how, we are able to develop our offer of modern, effective and practice-oriented courses.

Thanks to the high employability of our graduates, we have confidence in our partner companies, employment offices and employers‘ associations. Our company is a member of the Association employers‘ unions and associations of the Slovak Republic, the German-Slovak Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Slovak Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Our colleagues and employees are members of many professional groups that work with state institutions to improve the quality of VET in Slovakia.



The AKMI Vocational Training Institute was established in 1989 and today is one of the leading vocational training institutes in Greece providing secondary education with more than 37,500 m2 of infrastructure in various Greek cities. More than 14,000 active students are enrolled each year in order to study one of the 107 specializations in more than 340 educational laboratories offered in 6 cities after throughout Greece:

  • Athens,
    • Piraeus,
    • Thessaloniki
  • Crete,
    • Larissa,
    • Rhodes.

AKMI SA believes that with the right education, young people can become productive, scientifically oriented, wide-ranging and ideal citizens of society, because society is significantly influenced by a group of young people.

The above cities make up 80% of the total population of Greece and AKMI SA represents almost 60% of the total private VET sector in Greece. It is the most sought after educational partner for the elaboration of study materials, training and examinations of masters.

AKMI SA’s excellence has been proven several times by international and national awards, including:

  • Gold award for equipment design and excellent laboratory quality
  • Gold Award for providing access to labor market services at the 2017 Education Business Awards!

The success of the company was recognized by the Diamonds of the Greek Economy Award 2016, which is an award that AKMI received for education, a high level infrastructure and equipment and business innovations, making AKMI the largest educational institution in the country. AKMI innovation was awarded through the Global Award Education Innovation Award in 2015 from PRAXIS MMT, while all studies were accredited by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). AKMI also has numerous accreditations from various institutes and sectors, e.g. Alain Ducasse Education, Pearson – the world’s leading education company, ITEC – education and media services, AHLEI – American Educational Institute of Hospitality and Accommodation, etc.

The Institute employs a total of around 950 people as permanent staff, working with many external teachers who are in charge of providing courses to students.

AKMI’s permanent administrative staff consists of 170 professional staff, whose expertise is intended to inspire other teachers and academics.

Innovative research and teaching standards thus create a highly motivated community of teachers There are more than 600 qualified teachers.

Most teachers manage, in cooperation with the central administration, mobility programs, training seminars and lectures, social and cultural events.

342 well-equipped laboratories for every specialization, amphitheaters, classrooms and recreational areas create excellent conditions for a perfect educational result and for a pleasant stay at school for all our students.

Another success that AKMI is proud of is the creation of AKMI radio in order to strengthen and give a voice to its young students. It consists of a 10-hour daily radio program and is produced by AKMI SA students in studios equipped with professional technology. The program is aimed at young students aged 18 to 25 years from 35 different countries.


EVBB – (Europäische Verband Beruflicher Bildungsträger) European Association of Vocational Training Providers – is an umbrella association of a heterogeneous range education providers in the common interest in improving, modernizing and harmonizing vocational education and training (VET) at European level. In accordance with their the statutes of the EVBB is to support youth and adults in the following areas:

  • the provision of liberal education on social, economic and socio-political issues, with particular reference to European and development policies;

countries, based on a socially binding, liberal economic and social order

  • support for technical, professional or industrial qualifications, further education and retraining
  • providing scientific education
  • providing training in personal or family matters
  • support for qualifications, further education and training in the field of geriatric care, work with the disabled and nursing services,
  • media development and use,
  • support for environmental skills and education

The mission of the EVBB is to break the traditional hierarchies between VET and higher education and to support the qualitative improvement of vocational schools and training, and promoting VET as the first choice for pupils and learners.

EVBB has more than 60 members from all over the world, who come from both the private and public sectors and cover all areas related to initial, advanced and further education and training. In addition, the EVBB has set itself the following tasks:

  • Take a position on the basic issues of vocational training and support the process of addressing issues in positions at EU level
  • Represent the common interests of its members in public and before national and supranational bodies, the European Parliament, the European Commission and other bodies
  • Promote cooperation between members, organize vocational training in the Member States and at European level.
  • Establish quality criteria for work in vocational education, by which all members are bound
  • Organize national and international professional conferences, which form the prospects for vocational education and training in the future

Together with the Adalbert Kitsche Foundation, EVBB awards the „DIE EUROPA“ prize at its annual conference for innovative projects to support disadvantaged young people.

The EVBB, which is politically independent, strives for education without borders, pluralistic and fulfilling education as a basic means for the formation of democracy and society. Her

the activity is not focused on business operations or making a profit. It is used exclusively for non-profit purposes in accordance with the general tax law in force in the Federal Republic Germany.

EVBB’s permanent staff are based at EU headquarters to maintain a close and ongoing dialogue with the EU institutions.

Private secondary vocational school polytechnic DSA

SSOŠP DSA Nitra is part of the school network of DSA, which operates 11 schools and has become the largest private provider of education in Slovakia. There are DSAs in schools established vocational centers for lifelong learning, which serve as training nodes for the industrial workforce. SSOŠP DSA Nitra is no exception. Education at school is free of charge and the school has close cooperation with the Dual Academy in Bratislava for the purpose of active exchange of know-how and teaching procedures in the field of mechatronics and autotronics.

All our educational programs follow German examples and are adapted to Slovak standards, which enables easy transfer of know-how to Slovakia. Study programs are focused on practice thanks to our partnerships with industrial companies. These study programs also meet the requirements of the company as well as the entire industry sector.

Study programs are provided in the form of dual education and study programs provided in the traditional school system implement elements of dual education.

Education – school preparation is supplemented by practice in industrial enterprises or specialized education in facilities that simulate the exact conditions in industry.

Thanks to our flexible approach and tailor-made services, we can adapt to the needs of the entire engineering and automotive industries.

The mutual exchange of experience and knowledge between the DSA and the partner companies ensures a sustainable model of continuous improvement of results. SSOŠP DSA Nitra is partner in education for companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Matador, Muehlbauer and others. Thanks to our know-how and exchange of experience within the DSA network, we train employees for the engineering and automotive industries.

Founder of SSOŠP DSA Nitra – DSA is accredited for the implementation of projects under the Erasmus + Volunteering program and the European Solidarity Corps. DSA thanks its German parent company EBG actively promotes the European idea of integration and cooperation.